Is Spring Around The Corner?

I am ready for spring or should i say Summer. We had a taste of spring this past weekend and that led to me getting pounds of dirt out of my house for a few days. I had 6 kids at our house on Saturday because i watched my friends kids and kids being kids they were in and out and in and out and the shoes were not removed. We also had Scotts parents down and went out for a walk around the dam. I think everyone had that same idea because there were so many people there.  Spring weather brings out people from winter hibernation.

They say it will be like that again this Sunday and Monday.... It gives us something to look forward to as we are being super cold and blasted with strong winds this mid week. I know our family is excited to get out and ride our bikes and go for walks again. Scott is in need of a vacation he has been talking about going here or going there and just needs a break from work and cold. But i want a summer vacation when it's warmer, rather then a spring vacay. I am excited to open the windows up again and see green grass. Its the little things that make you have joy when you live in MN.

I do have the itch to paint but i have a feeling I'm going to be helping my friend paint her home in a few weeks once she moves into her new home. And i have been getting my veggie garden planned out and what i want to grow this summer. You know the usual stuff but non the less I'm excited.

So what are you planning? trips, gardens, home remodeling, vacations?????


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